The Ginga Ninja

Rob Bieber is unstoppable. With an impressive 9-0 record in mixed martial arts fights, Rob "The Ginga Ninja" Bieber continues to amaze spectators with his well honed stand up skills and his Jiu-Jitsu is nothing less than beautiful.

Rob won his Cornhusker Fight Club bout on October 28th. He turned right around and headed down south to Tarkio, MO on November 6th where he fought in a Northwest Fight Club match-up. In the words of Bieber, "Checkmate! Rob Bieber defeats Chance Thackston! First round submission via Tapout to Triangle choke. Rob is the new 170 pound champion of NWFC, and still undefeated 9-0."

His opponents never know what hit them. They go into the fight thinking they might have a chance, but within a very short time they realize they just met their worst nightmare. Rob is the man they didn't want to meet. Rob is the man that makes fighters go back to the drawing board to think about what they did wrong. Rob is the man who makes other men cry after they realize all their hard work wasn't even close to being good enough.

Great Job, Rob!


khaddix said...

way to go, rob. i like to think that the many times you tapped me out led to your victory.

carlos said...

tiway to go rob. wish i was there to see the continuing devestation