Seminar Review: Leonardo Pecanha

Last Sunday we hosted a BJJ seminar at Roseberry's Martial Arts Center in Lincoln, NE, featuring Leonardo Pecanha. Leo had just fought at VFC 30 - Night of Champions, at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA, where he won by Triangle Choke. (Click here for the winning seconds of his last MMA fight.)

Pecanha was a good teacher. He talked with me before the seminar about what he might teach and was able to tailor the class to the students who were present. Although Leo is not completely fluent in English, the language of Jiu-Jitsu prevailed. His friend, and BJJ instructor at Mid-America Martial Arts, Anthony Carlson was present to help demonstrate and assist with the class as well.

The seminar was fit in during our regularly scheduled Sunday Jiu-Jitsu class which ended up being just a little over an hour and a half. Unfortunately Leo had suffered a minor injury to his foot during his MMA fight, so wasn't able to roll with any of us after the class. He assured us that he would roll with everyone on his next visit to the dojo.

The students were all motivated and had no problems following along. He kept it pretty basic and allowed time for a lot of reps with each technique. One of our Jiu-Jitsu students, Gina, was there to do some filming, so we were able to capture a lot of footage. I whipped up a highlight of the seminar which is posted below.

Overall I would say the seminar was a huge success and I hope to have Leo come again. I would like to extend a thank you to Mr. Pecanha from all of us at Roseberry's Martial Arts Center.