Team Power Nationals 2008

This is information for the ground fighting portion of the event:

Mid American Center, One Arena Way, Council Bluffs, IA

Promoter: Michael & Nicole Bilgere
Champion Sport Karate
DATE FOR GROUND FIGHTING: Friday September 12th
PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: by Monday, September 8th & save $
5:00 PM Registration Open
6:00 Ground Fighting Divisions
Adult Men ages 18 and up
GF-10 149.9 lbs. and under
GF-11 150 - 169.9 lbs.
GF-12 170 - 189.9 lbs.
GF-13 190 - 219.9 lbs.
GF-14 220 lbs. and over
Youth Ages 14-17
GF-01 114.9 lbs. and under
GF-02 115 -129.9 lbs.
GF-03 130 – 144.9 lbs.
GF-04 145 – 159.9 lbs.
GF-05 160 – 174.9 lbs.
GF-06 175 lbs. and over
Adult Women ages 18 and up
GF-07 134.9 lbs. and under
GF-08 135 – 149.9 lbs.
GF-09 150 lbs. and over
• All matches will last 3 minutes, in absence of a submission or pin.
• Double Elimination
• All matches begin with each competitor having at least one knee on the mat. Throughout the match the competitor must maintain at least one knee on the mat when in a vertical position, except to gain position or to escape a technique; OTHERWISE…. NO STANDING.
• There are three ways to win: causing your opponent to submit, pinning your opponent, or on points.
• Allowable submission techniques include: Arm-locks, Chokes, Holddowns.
• No leg, ankle, toe, or finger locks.
• All competitors Must wear a full gi.
• All fingernails and toenails must be trimmed.
• Long hair must be tied back.
• No jewelry: including, but not limited to glasses, rings, toe rings, earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets etc.
• No wrestling shoes allowed


Takedowns (1 point) Points are awarded when the competitor offensively forces his opponent to his back from the kneeling position. When the opponent electively assumes the guard position, it does not constitute a takedown. Knees On The Stomach ( 1 point ) Points are awarded when the competitor has one knee across his/her opponent's stomach, keeping the other knee up with foot on the floor, maintaining and keeping control of opponent for 5 seconds.

Passing The Guard (2 points) When the opponent is on her back, controlling the competitor with her legs around or in between the waist (guard position), the competitor passes the legs to attain the cross side position, maintaining complete control on top.

Top Mount Position (3 points) Points are awarded when the competitor is on top of his opponent, straddling him with both knees and feet on the mat, maintaining control of his opponent for 5 seconds.
Rear Mount Position (3 points) Points are awarded when the competitor has control of her opponent from behind, with hooks in (heels between opponent's legs), maintaining control of opponent for 5 seconds. Note (both legs must be hooked around the opponent in order to receive the points, the one-leg grapevine is not the same a having one leg hooked around the opponent).

Side Mount; Cross-Body Mount (2 points) Pin (Equivalent of a Submission) Occurs when an opponent is held on their back for a period of 30 seconds, and the top competitor has the free movement of their legs to stand at will.
Reversals (0 points) There are no points for reversals. It is a person's obligation to escape a bad position (mount, rear mount, or side control). No points are awarded for these escapes
1. Any competitor who fails to appear when name/number is called, forfeits.
2. A competitor is not allowed to demonstrate lack of desire to fight by inactivity or trying
to escape the area of the match.
3. No striking of any sort with any part of the body to any part of the body, gouging of the eyes, biting, hair grabbing, pinching, or pressure points.
4. No leg joint manipulations of any kind (i.e. knee locks, ankle locks, toe cranks, etc)
5. No neck cranks or finger cranks (You must hold at least three fingers for any grabs to the fingers for the purpose of control or escape, but not for attempt to submit or break)
6. No wrist locks.
7. No knees to the neck or head.
8. No malicious techniques will be tolerated, and may result in immediate disqualification
9. A competitor or spectator who demonstrates an attitude of controversy by engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind with their opponent, the referee or any others will be eliminated from the event.
10. Bad sportsmanship WILL result in immediate disqualification!
11. Referee has the discretion to call a match for use of excessive force (i.e. competitor refuses to release pressure after opponent submits or opponent refuses to submit and the referee believes that the submission will cause immediate damage or injury). The referees will be shown maximum respect at all times. Their decisions are final and will not be disputed.
Pre Registration: $40.00
At the door: $50.00
Pre Registration: $7
At the Door: $10

Pre Registration: $5
At the Door: $5


Anonymous said...

Anybody from the gym going to this?


Conan said...

It's a good possibility, but I don't know who yet. I'll keep you in the loop.